Mission & Vision

mission & vision

These statements are our guiding force behind our organization and provides strategic direction with regards to our current and future business strategies.


Leaning on our core values of Integrity, Commitment, and Teamwork, it is our mission to continuously deliver the highest quality services to our clients by applying global work standards and best practices from our team of Industry experts and professionals ensuring not only our clients' success, but the establishment of our company as the Reliable Partner of Choice.



Our vision is to be synonymous with "reliable" when it comes to supporting businesses and to become a relevant role player in the future of the IT services industry.


We focus on results and break barriers of traditional corporate culture, while at the same time maintains our integrity and commitment to the high quality of services we deliver. We put a premium when it comes to teamwork to enjoy work-life balance. We embrace change and innovation to continuously look for new and better ways to grow, manage, and run our organization and ourselves.


Sole Proprietorship

It all started as a one-man business professional of providing Information Technology (IT) services. Offshore Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) Projects started the business running.



With the team steadily growing through the years and with plans of further expansion can be seen on the horizon, the need to finally incorporate the business was inevitable.


Team Formation

With the business model developed, work demands started to rise and a one-man team will no longer work, the business started to form a team.


Expansion Plans

Aside from eDiscovery Data Analysis Services, immediate plans of offering Developer Services are now in full swing. While the long term plan of including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics in our services have already been started with the opening of our Research & Development Division.


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